Lets work together!

I have a broad background of biomechanical expertise that I can utilise to identify and help answer questions related to orthopaedic technology and injury. Through attending the OR to observe surgeries and the UBC Orthopaedic Grand Rounds I am comfortable and effective in acquiring, assimilating and acting on clinical information that can be translated into potential improvements whilst also keeping up-to-date with the latest developments of orthopaedic technology and its implementation in the OR.

Let's work together to develop orthopaedic technologies and services that can improve peoples lives through making them accessible to clinicians and help empower patients to reach their goals.

What can I bring to your company or lab group?

  • Broad technical expertise and theoretical knowledge of biomechanics and physiology proven through peer-reviewed publications and international presentations in Orthopaedics and Injury of the Spine and Shoulder

  • An observant and trustworthy individual with appropriate analytical and interpersonal skills with the ability to acquire complex information in dynamic environments and proactively make decisions as demonstrated with the responsibilities entrusted to me during my Military Service

  • An openminded and supportive colleague with eagerness to learn and to drive the team to its collective goal

Check out some of my work!

Translation from ideation of novel concept into actionable data for evaluating novel ideas and enhancing the R&D process of products and processes.

Application of biomechanical methods to sporting or daily activities to evaluate performance, function and injury risk in individuals